Find out how to create an email template and how to use meta-tags to customize your email. Define your email as a time-saving template.


Create a template

  • Go to Settings > Emails (or Administration > Emails).
  • Click on Add.
  • Fill in the fields :
    • subject : which is the subject of your email ;
    • sender : to indicate a sender name (ex: The platform team) ;
    • email of the sender : to give an email different from the email used by default to send emails from the platform ;
    • message : to enter the text of the email ;
    • email type : to define if the template is a template (usable for sending emails to candidates), a mailing campaign, a system email (which will be sent on some triggers).
  • Save.

Use meta-tags

You can use meta-tags to personalize your emails. These are presented in a form[META_TAG] which, in the email, will be transformed according to the desired information.

These meta-tags are very useful in the case of repeated emails to several people that must contain different information (program name, date, first and last name of the person...).

General meta-tags

Here is a list of general meta-tags you can use :

  • [FNUM] for the candidate's file number ;
  • [USER_NAME] for the candidate's username ;
  • [COURSE_LABEL] for the name of the program ;
  • [CAMPAIGN_LABEL] for the name of the campaign ;
  • [SITE_URL] for the address of the application platform ;
  • [USER_EMAIL] for the user's email.

Form-specific meta-tags

To create templates with program/form specific information, you must use form element IDs. You can retrieve them in Administration > Programs, then by clicking on the icon next to the targeted program.

For these tags, keep the format ${...}, do not add brackets [].

Meta Tags Id